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Education is commonly and formally divided into stages such as preschool, primary school, secondary school and then college, university or apprenticeship. The methodology of teaching is...
Healthcare & Medical
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Health care or healthcare is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in human beings. Health care is delivered by...
NGO and Government
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Public service is a service which is provided by government to people living within its jurisdiction, either directly (through the public sector) or by financing provision of services. The...
Hotels, Tourism and Travel
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Tourism is travel for pleasure; also the theory and practice of touring, the business of attracting, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours. Tourism...
Restaurants & Food
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A restaurant is a business which prepares and serves food and drinks to customers in exchange for money, either paid before the meal, after the meal, or with an open account. Meals are...
Financial Services
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Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance industry, which encompasses a broad range of businesses that manage money, including credit unions, banks, credit-card...

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Why write a review?

You are a loyal customer who wants to help others use your good or bad experience review to make informed purchasing decisions while interacting with the business. You want the business to read your reviews within seconds and respond. You want to congratulate businesses were you had great experiences and give businesses were you had bad experiences a second chance to improve service delivery

Learn how to write a review and manage your reviews

Learn how to write a review and manage your reviews

You want to quickly find the highest rated and recommended business near you. You don’t have or trust recommendations from your friends and family. As a reviewer, you can find restaurants, hotels, banks, hospitals, pharmacies, MDAs, NGOs and any other business near you. The reviews used to recommend businesses were written by reviewers like you. Write your first review today

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To stay relevant in your industry, Increase revenue, improve reputation, maintain status, serve more customers, deliver better services, Interact with your customers online, and increase loyal customer base. SLBizReviews is 100% free to list and manage your business.

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Learn how to add and manage your business

Customers are heavily influenced by reviews, regardless of where they are in the purchasing process and on which device they read the reviews. They are heavily influenced by online reviews. Reading, comparing and writing online reviews are not only essential components of the consumer purchasing process, but also have a tremendous affect on your business.